Rules and manners

After ordering, please pick up the product at each store when the handing buzzer sounds.
Please return the tray after meals to the return port of the store where you ordered.
No carry-on
We do not allow food and drinks purchased outside this hall to be brought in or seats used by them.

※It is possible to bring in baby food for infants.

There is a multipurpose toilet
We have a multipurpose restroom for guests with small children and people with disabilities.
No pets
Please refrain from bringing pets.

※Hearing dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, etc. are allowed.

Group reservations are possible for groups of 10 or more.

※For more information, please contact the hall secretariat. TEL:06-6567-8606

All seats are non-smoking
All seats in the store and common areas are non-smoking.
Use other than eating and drinking
Please refrain from using it for a long time for purposes other than eating and drinking (study, solicitation, etc.).

About infectious disease measures

Our shop complies with the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention guidelines as an infectious disease countermeasure. Please use with confidence.

  • Staff temperature measurement Staff temperature measurement
  • Ensuring social distance Ensuring social distance
  • Thorough hand washing and gargle Thorough hand washing and gargle
  • Delivery by tray Delivery by tray
  • Shortening the staying time Shortening the staying time
  • Admission restriction Admission restriction
  • Alcohol disinfection Alcohol disinfection
  • Regular ventilation Regular ventilation
  • Installation of splash prevention sheet Installation of splash prevention sheet
  • Takeaway Takeaway