365 days gourmet festival!

Eat, enjoy, meet, connect

Entertainment food hall that connects Osaka Nipponbashi and the world

Enjoy the 365-day gourmet festival!

Have lunch or date with family, friends and lovers under the themes of “eating,” “enjoying,” “meeting,” and “connecting.”
Choose your favorite menu from your favorite restaurants and enjoy it wherever you like.
A place where you can meet travelers from all over the world.
A new type of food hall where you can enjoy performances and entertainment.

  • LUNCHFor lunch
  • CAFEFor business and breaks
  • DINNERFor dinner, a little drink
Choose what you want to eat!

Choose what you want to eat!

Takoyaki, tempura, hamburgers, seafood bowls, etc. A gourmet festival with a wide variety of shops, from casual food to lunch. The spacious food hall is comfortable for both business people and families. The cleaning staff is always cleaning the inside of the hall, so you can spend your time with peace of mind in terms of hygiene.

Take a break in your own space

Take a break in your own space

Breaks during work, chatting with friends, shopping, and sightseeing.
You can spend a relaxing and comfortable time in the large food hall.
It’s very convenient because you can use Free Wi-Fi and power supply!

You can drink alcohol with appetizers

You can drink alcohol with appetizers

It can also be used for dinner after work.
You can spend the time that suits you, whether you want to eat well, drink a little, or go sightseeing or work.

  • Osaka Free Wi-Fi
    saka Free Wi-Fi
  • Power supply available
    Power supply available
  • Foreign currency exchange machine
    Foreign currency exchange machine

Recommended shopsNew shops are appearing one after another! !!