“Sake Day” event will be held on October 1st (Thursday)!


Event date:10/1

As a participant in “KAMPAI! Toast with sake nationwide!” Sponsored by the Japan Sake Brewing Association Central Association, an online event LIVE will be broadcast on the projector at the hotel, and a toast will be held at 19:00, and Miss SAKE will be a finalist. There are many other contents such as invitations! !! At [Fushimizu Sake Brewery], where there is an international sake brewer, there will be a spot sale of sake from the brewery and a special price. In addition, live painting by drunken music is in front of everyone …! There is also a stage live by artist Daisuke Shirai, so it’s an event that you can enjoy with alcohol, ears, and eyes ♪ Please check the time schedule and spend a relaxing and peaceful time.



< Time schedule >


10:00 OPEN: Start of spot sale of sake from the brewery / Start of offering sake at a special price / Explanation of sake to customers by visiting the brewery in sequence & PR

13:00 Start of live painting by Drunk Koraku

18:00 Music stage by artist Daisuke Shirai ① / 2020 Miss Sake Hyogo finalist appeared

18:30 Online nationwide #Cheers with sake YOUTUBE LIVE projector broadcast!

19:00 Nationwide #Cheers with sake! !! !!

19:30 Music stage by artist Daisuke Shirai ②

22:00 CLOSE




Admission may be restricted if there are many visitors. Also, to prevent infection, please refrain from visiting the store if you are not in good physical condition.