Japanese street performance Nankin Tamasudare & experience meeting


Event date:10/31(Sat)13:30~

Everyone who made the hotel gorgeous, lively and united last month is back again this month on October 31st, Halloween Day! !!

Nankin Tamasudare is a Japanese street performance that changes the shape of bamboo blinds to make them look like fishing rods, weeping willows, flags, etc.!

Along with the unique song and shout of "Ah, that's that, that's that, that's it!", The contents are clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, and so on.
In addition to Nankin Tamasudare, there will be a spinning plate and an umbrella spinning! And this time, you can actually [experience] as well as "see"! This experience-based event is addictive for children and adults alike. stay tuned! !! !! (No charge required)

By the way, Japanese street performers seem to be able to do it as soon as they practice, as the umbrella-turning professional says, "It takes at least three years to turn it perfectly." !! A trick that requires sense, tricks, effort, and time. It's quite rare to experience it, so let's try it!

* Please wear a mask and cooperate with alcohol disinfection to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Please refrain from participating if you are not in good physical condition.