Announcement of OPEN store soon


The following stores will open soon.

■ November 27th OPEN!

[Domestic banana smoothie specialty store] Banana god

The “Banana God” smoothie uses domestic bananas cultivated by “freeze-thaw awakening technology”.

Smoothies made with domestic bananas are much creamier than traditional banana smoothies, and have a melty, mellow texture.


■ December 10th OPEN!

[Burger packed with the deliciousness of Awaji’s nature] Awajishima Burger

Blessed with the rich sea of ​​Seto and a warm climate, Awaji Island is a treasure trove of food such as Awaji beef, onions, lettuce, and seafood.

“Awajishima Burger” is a burger filled with the deliciousness of Awaji’s nature.